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THE GLAMOUR AND NATURAL STYLE OF DIVINE INGRID BERGMANtumblr_mwbg6jpZc61s3wwu1o1_1280Beautiful actress Ingrid Bergman had an effortless style that made even a workshirt look glamourous.  Her relaxed and earthy approach to fashion still looks modern and fresh and inspires today’s off-the-clock sportswear.


DRESSMAKER DETAILS FOR SWIMSvetlana_1202_FF_webLook runway chic with this swim set by Bleu Rod Beattie.  A slit swim skirt and cap sleeve top with piping and gold buttons look gorgeous on supermodel Svetlana Larareva.  We love this very sophisticated way to dress for pool, beach or resort.  Photograph by Justin Marquis.

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Svetlana_1526_FF_webKeep discreet and covered—and still look incredibly sexy—in this very chic swim cardigan and bikini bottom by DKNY.  Gorgeous Svetlana Lazareva will get her perfect tan in all the right places with this great swim set.  Photograph by Justin Marquis.

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ONE OF THE SPLENDORS OF ISRAELIMG_0250One of the most wonderful trips I had the pleasure of experiencing for Swimsuit was the voyage to Israel…and one of the most beautiful sites in this country is the incredible Bahá’í Gardens of Haifa.  The precisely manicured gardens consist of 19 Terraces that extend all the way to the northern slope of Mount Carmel.  It was truly a wonder to stand at the top of these absolutely perfect gardens.IMG_0252The top of the stairs of these amazing gardens is where you can see the entire vista.  It was truly inspiring and I couldn’t wait to get back to the states to start planting!


DIAMONDS FOR DAY OR NIGHTIMG_1569One of the most inventive jewelry designers around is the wonderful Renee Lewis who makes diamonds that shake.  Just when we thought that diamonds couldn’t be more fabulous, she comes up with a new way to showcase your gems.  Wear them with everything from your swimsuit to your cocktail dress. . .but don’t jump in the water.  The shakes can’t get wet.  Who cares?—they look divine under a beach umbrella.

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